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Sopranos snag 3 sag awards from TV Guide Awards.

A year after the season finale of “The X-Files,” Chris Carter’s third “Sopranos” episode is shaping up to be among the best ever.

The show’s official synopsis, posted at its official YouTube channel, says, “A young woman is sent to an unconventional prison by her parents, where the authorities believe the truth더킹카지노 lies with her. But when their suspicions prove correct, she finds herself being 바카라사이트held in a prison of her own.”

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The two-part episode “The Truth” (Jan. 26) opens with Mulder and Scully trying to convince the wrongfully incarcerated women to come talk to them about an affair with the wrong man, while also keeping M더킹카지노ulder and Scully in the loop on the whereabouts of a missing woman who may have been murdered.

As for the future, Mulder (David Duchovny) finds a job offer from a man she’s never met and finally gets to be close to his wife, who’s on the run in Los Angeles. But for that to happen, the couple must find out if their “secret” will stay hidden from the authorities.

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It also marks the show’s first nod to The X-Files with a nod to its fifth and final season, airing Jan. 10 on the CW.

Carter will direct two episodes this season; both feature special-effects choreographers, which make for a fast-paced shoot.


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