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Zařazeno v 유콘 골드 카지노

Davis love iii takes charge in colorado, and while i’m더킹카지노 sure there are a number of shades that i am going to look back on as my favorite color i’ve come up with (and yes i like my blushes to be very flattering) this shade is in my eyes right now a true love.


This shade is one i absolutely LOVE. From the light to dark to warm tones (for me it’s always the dark shade) its an awesome way to create a nice satin finish to a bright nude. It is soft and silky and a beautiful, natural color. The texture is smooth and silky but does have some texture to it. It lasts for about eight hours, and is always great.

The shade wore for about a week, so i didn’t add too much. If yjarvees.comou’re like me and just love your nude blushes, do yourself더킹카지노 a favor and invest in a couple.

Shades: 6 – 9, with one more from each of the shades i loved.