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Church of england attacks gay marriage plan

Okehampton councillor Stephen Jones claims the council is under pressure to back down after it launched a ‘no’ campaign to oppose a new law in England to legalise gay marriage.

The councillor told MSPs on Monday night it was ‘a political decision’ for the council to oppose marriage equality.

He said: ‘I’ve said in the past it doesn’t matter where we are in the country at the moment, what matters is the ability of the local authority to enforce the law and that’s why our council has a policy of not allowing gay marriage.

‘That’s what the referendum was about. In the long term the local authority is going to enforce the law more effectively and we want to ensure that is the case because you can always make mistakes and we will never be perfect when it comes to this sort of issue.’

Conservative councillor Jason MacDonald, the SNP candidate in the local council election, has claimed thegospelhitz city was under pressure from the Tory-backed government after it launched a ‘no’ campaign to stop gay marriage

City councillor Stephen Jones claimed there was pressure on the local authority to back down following claims the city’s Conservative-backed council backed same-sex marriage.

He told MSPs at the meeting that ‘there’s a huge debate going on about whether to marry gay couples, some of which are very much in love and they want to get married and the answer is yes’.

He added that in this part of England, ‘a h바카라uge part of the population do want it and are prepared to 더킹카지노accept the benefits, but the local authority is not in favour of it’.

Mr Jones, who is not gay, added he wanted to create a ‘new consensus’ for the future of marriage equality in Scotland.

Ms Jones added: ‘I think this is a matter for the Scottish parliament and the House of Commons as well.

‘At the end of the day we are a political decision. The SNP government has now put the question to the people of Scotland. They have stated that yes they will go ahead with same-sex marriage but the issue of how the issue is passed to the next government is the biggest challenge we as a council face’.

Councillors have repeatedly backed gay marriage despite the pressure from Westminster to back off despite support for the issue having grown steadily since the campaign began.

A number of other senior figures including Mr MacDonald, local authority chair Neil Gordon, local council and county executive members and senior figure